What’s in my Bag

I’ve always been obsessed with “What’s in my Bag” posts and videos. I don’t know why. I guess I’m nosy. But, it also gives me ideas of things to carry in my own bag that I may not have thought of before. Today, I’m going to share with you what’s in my bag. This is fully packed for work, but I also use this bag as my camera bag and daily purse. So, it’s not always packed this full. 


I adore this bag. It’s from Shutterbag (which has unfortunately shut down, so you can no longer buy their bags). It’s a dedicated camera bag, so it has a lot of padding and adjustable dividers. It also has a section for a tablet or maybe a smaller laptop. 


I love that this bag keeps me so organized because of the dividers and all the pockets. I am not a fan of a bag where I have to dig through it just to find something. This one is perfect for my OCD organization. 


Ok, so I’m going to just list everything going from left to right.

  1. My camera - Canon M100

  2. Hand sanitizer

  3. Apple AirPods

  4. Makeup bag (which ironically doesn’t have makeup, but has medicine, perfume, contacts, etc)

  5. Hand lotion

  6. Deodorant wipes

  7. iPad Pro (I carry this around instead of my laptop)

  8. Kleenex

  9. Portable phone charger

  10. Planner

  11. Umbrella

  12. Wallet

  13. Sunglasses

  14. Current book I’m reading

  15. Water bottle

  16. Lip Balm

  17. Gum

That is a lot of stuff, but like I said, this is when it’s fully packed for work. It’s definitely not always this full! What’s in your bag?