One Month Medication Update

Last week, I shared why I decided to start taking medication for my anxiety. This week I’m just going to give you an update on how I’m feeling one month in. I’m going to share how I think it’s helping or not helping and any side effects I’ve experienced.

I do know that these medications are different for everyone. So, my experiences may be extremely different than someone else taking the exact same medicine.


So, first thing, my anxiety is probably 65%-70% less. I feel normal most days. I don’t get anxious about things that I used to. It’s easier to leave my house. It’s easier to be in my house. I do still have days where I feel anxious all day long. So, it’s still a struggle, but it’s no where near as bad as it used to be. I am currently on the lowest dose of Paxil, so my doctor and I can always discuss a higher dose, if necessary.


  • Insomnia. I already had insomnia and this medicine makes it much worse. I average maybe 3.5 hours a night. It’s rough. I struggle so much with this. On the weekends all I want to do is be lazy and/or sleep all day. I am hoping when I go for my follow up next month it’s either better or I can get something to help me sleep.

  • Dry mouth. For the first week or two I had severe dry mouth. I was always thirsty. Food tasted different. Luckily this side effect went away after a couple of weeks.

  • Menstrual cycle changes. I started spotting about two weeks after my last period. After a week of spotting, I started my period (a week early) and it was heavier than normal. I am hoping this is something that doesn’t keep happening every month. That would be unfortunate.

Overall, I haven’t experienced many side effects. The insomnia is by far the worst and the one that I struggle with the most. That being said, I am extremely happy and grateful that I decided to finally seek some help and start taking medication for my anxiety.

Like I said, every person will have different experiences with medicine. I tried a different anti-anxiety medicine a few years ago (Zoloft) and absolutely hated it. It did nothing for my anxiety and made me extremely angry all the time. If you decide to take medicine, please be aware that it may take a few different kinds/doses until you find the right one.