My Morning Routine

I watch this YouTube channel, Milk & Honey Life all the time. The woman is the happiest person and I kind of envy her for that. Not really, but I pay attention to her routines and stuff like that, because I know that has a pretty big impact on overall happiness and mental health. She did a video recently of her morning and night routines and talked about how they really help her with her days. So, I decided to set up my own morning and night routines. And, let me say, they have seriously made my days better. Not every day is good, but that’s normal. But, I can definitely see an improvement in my overall mood and happiness. Today I am going to share my morning routine with you.

  • 5:25am wake up

  • Let dogs out

  • Yoga

  • Shower

  • Feed Dogs

  • Make Bed

  • Let dogs out (for some reason my dogs will not go pee and poop the first time I let them out. They will only pee, so they have to be let out again to finish their business)

  • Get ready

  • Make coffee (I drink it at work because I mix my iced coffee with my protein shake, I’ll post more about that another day - it’s amazing)

  • Take vitamins (these vitamins are so good, highly recommend them)

  • 6:40am leave for work

As you can see, I literally plan everything in the morning. This way, I don’t forget to do anything. I usually have a bit of extra time after I am done getting ready. Maybe 5-10 minutes. I do this so I never feel rushed. If getting ready takes longer, no problem. If the dogs take longer outside, no problem. I used to feel so rushed because I never gave myself that extra time.

Also, I pick out my outfits for the week on Sunday and meal prep as well. This saves me a ton of time in the mornings. I don’t have to worry about what to wear or what to eat. It’s all ready to go. I base my outfits on the weather for the week (using the weather app on my phone) and/or any events I may have going on at work or after work. This is my biggest time saver and I highly recommend doing it.

Do you have a morning routine?