Always Be Yourself

I’m surrounded by judgmental people all the time. I’m even guilty of being one of those people from time to time because I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. It’s way too easy to get caught up in the gossip. But, y’all, this is a huge pet peeve of mine. I absolutely hate people being put down, made fun of, etc. because of the things they like, the clothes they wear, the food they eat. For just being themselves. It hurts my heart to constantly see and hear this stuff.


I am thirty-four years old and I still get judged about things like this all.the.time. It never stops. And, to be completely honest with y’all. I don’t get it. Why does anyone get to have a say over what I’m wearing? What I’m reading? What I’m eating? What I’m watching? But, being judged and/or made fun of about these things all my life has made me become far less open with others about my life. It is quite difficult to get to know me in some respects.

Friends, I accept you exactly the way you are.

You love Game of Thrones? Awesome.
You hate Game of Thrones? That’s awesome, too!
You like reading fantasy novels? Cool! Tell me about your favorite one.
You like reading history books only? Great, teach me something new.
You like wearing super hero t-shirts every single day? Love it! Let’s talk about your favorite one.
You only wear fancy clothes every day? I love that, too!
You like to eat PB&J every day for lunch? Wonderful! I prefer PB & honey.
You eat home cooked meals every single day? I’m jealous! Because I don’t have time for that.
You blog? AMAZING! I DO, TOO!
You have a YouTube channel? Great, send me the link!
You love dogs? Let’s be best friends!
You hate dogs? Ok, I might judge you for that one. ;)

I will support you in what you do. The things you’re passionate about. I will lift you up and empower you to do what you love. I will try my hardest NOT to judge anyone for being exactly who they’re meant to be (TRY because I’m not perfect). Unless you’re doing harmful/negative things, then I definitely don’t support that.

Just, please, always be yourself. Stop worrying about what anyone else thinks of you. That’s their business. You just be you.