Welcome to my blog. This isn’t my first experience with blogging. I have had numerous blogs over the years, but nothing that really stuck with me. Recently I decided to take another shot at blogging. After a few name changes, I decided to just brand with MYSELF. So, here it is…Stephanie Lee.

This blog is a lifestyle blog in a general sense of the word. It will have everything: dog mom life, dog life, single life, beauty, books, food, home, shopping etc. It will literally be everything about me. I suffer from anxiety and depression so I have some pretty bad days. I think it’s important to share these things so people out there know they’re not alone in their struggles. I am a mental health warrior. It’s definitely a day-to-day struggle.

Aside from all of that, I am a 30-something single gal. I have two dogs, that I am completely obsessed with. I read books often. I enjoy 90s movies and music. I’m a picture taker and a content creator. I have recently really started getting into self love and self care.